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Buying Butane in Bulk

Butane is everywhere. It is commonly used to power a number of appliances including outdoor grills, camping stoves, culinary torches, lab appliances and other types of lighters. It can be blended with gasoline to increase fuel performance.

It is also found in refrigerators and freezers acting as a refrigerant. Butane also acts as a propellant in aerosol sprays like deodorant. A butane torch can be used to caramelize sugar on top of a Crème Brule.  Butane is even used to make hash oil, which is a potent cannabis product. With so many uses for butane, it makes a sense to purchase it in bulk.  Here is more information on bulk butane.

What is butane?

Butane is a by-product of raw natural gas, just like gasoline is a by-product of crude oil. Petroleum products, such as gas, are processed. Natural gas products must be extracted. It is possible to produce butane from crude oil, but only in limited There are several different ways that butane is created. This leads to different grades of butane. The higher the grade of butane, the fewer pollutants it contains. The clearer a butane flame burns, the cleaner and purer it is. The fewer the number of pollutants in the butane, the easier it is to generate clean heat. 

The United States has very large natural gas reserves. According to the Potential Gas Committee, a research panel based at the Colorado School of the Mines in Golden, the quantity of natural gas that is accessible for extraction in the US rose to a record estimate of 2,384 trillion cubic feet as of the end of 2012. That number represents a 26% increase from the committee’s 2010 estimate. At current consumption rates, that amount of gas would satisfy the needs of US consumers for 105 years. Identified shale gas reserves in the Rocky Mountain, Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions are responsible for the projected supply increase. This makes natural gas and butane attractive options when developing energy policy that will reduce the need for foreign oil imports. It is also a relatively inexpensive form of energy, compared to oil, which makes it even more appealing.

How is it used?

There are many uses for bulk butane, which makes huge butane bulk storage logical. Mixing butane with propane makes liquid propane gas (LPG). LPG is bottled in canisters and sold to power backyard grills and camping stoves. Butane is a clean burning fuel, unlike petroleum, so it is a perfect for cooking. Butane torches are available in a number of sizes depending on their intended use. Tradesmen utilize butane torches for many different types of projects. They can be used for welding and soldering metal. Jewelry designers frequently use butane torches for their delicate work. The flames of consumer butane torches can reach around 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Many metals, including aluminum and copper, will melt at this temperature. Following is a video demonstrating how to use a small butane torch.
Using a butane torch


Schools and laboratories frequently use butane burners for projects and experiments. They are powered by butane fuel cartridges that can be easily and efficiently be refilled. Some models of butane burners can reach temperatures of up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. They are available in portable models, which can be more convenient than a Bunsen burner or hot plate that needs to be plugged into an outlet in the wall. The use of butane burners can help to make lab experiments safer and easier to perform.

Butane torches, also called cooking torches, are commonly used in kitchens. They are used by pastry chefs to caramelize sugar on a Crème Brule. Cooking torches can also brown the tops of meringues and tarts. They can melt cheese onto casseroles and soups, and char vegetables. A butane torch is a great present for a cooking aficionado who owns every other gadget.

Cigarette and cigar lighters run on butane. You can find a number of novelty butane smoking lighters that are shaped in everything from guns to lipstick to poker chips. Butane lighters in bulk consume a lot of butane. Following is an interesting video on how to refill a butane lighter.
How to refill a butane lighter


Some lesser known uses of Butane include fueling appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. Different types of butane are replacing the traditional refrigerants and propellants known to harm the atmosphere and environment.  A whole house can even run on butane.

The increase in the amount of butane that is being used is making necessary the purchase of bulk butane. People want easy access to butane so it is convenient to refill all their butane powered appliances, equipment and lighters. Butane dealers are able to supply big quantities of butane for commercial and residential use. Transporting butane is done via tanker truck. Tanker trucks are also used to carry gasoline. With the proper safety precautions, butane can be safely moved, stored and consumed

Buying in bulk

Many bulk butane suppliers have customers all around the United States. It is important to identify a provider that can offer the best butane for your needs. Developing a relationship with one can help to ensure you receive butane that is best adjusted for your appliances and equipment. This can also mean better prices and quicker service. A good source for information on butane dealers is MacRae’s Blue Book. You can research butane dealers on their website. A representative can answer any questions you have, provide a free quote and discuss delivery timeframes.  If you live in the Ft. Worth area, a local butane supplier is Texas Butane. They provide service to residential and commercial customers. For more information, visit their website at
Butane is being used more and more. It powers many every day appliances and equipment including grills, stoves, refrigerators and cooking torches. It is also used for butane lighters in bulk. It is a cost-effective, clean burning fuel. With so much butane being consumed, it makes more and more sense to buy butane in bulk. Having it on hand can provide easy, affordable access to the fuel when needed. There are a number of dealers who sell butane in bulk. Many have customers all around the country. Some providers service a specific region only. Research one that meets your needs and enjoy the benefits of huge butane bulk storage.